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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dr. Oz- Help me!

I have recently decided to give up sweets and sugar to begin my journey on a healthier lifestyle. Well I am not completely giving up sweets but am fasting for 21 days to break their hold on me. This journey has been pretty bumpy and we are only on day 3!

Day one: 
I am holding strong, no desire to order dessert at my favorite local diner. Wow I am doing good, skipping dessert and it was painless. 
Five miles from the diner, I am restraining myself from running into Albertsons- I am craving a whole tub of cream cheese frosting. I can hide it in the closet so Barry won't know I fell of the sugar-wagon.
After dinner TV time- I won the frosting battle- but why must Barry leave those chocolate covered cashews on the coffee table? I don't like cashews but I feel like sucking the chocolate off.  I am going to bed this is too much stress.

Day two:
I have gone all day- craving free and I have been to the grocery store and walked through the Easter candy aisle I am going to take a bath then off to bed.
Running out of bathroom hair still dripping but fully clothed and grabbing keys- I convince myself I need a few things from CVS.  I will just look at the candy- five minutes of pacing the candy section later,  I walk shamefully to the counter with sweet-tart jelly beans- the Easter edition. I cram two handfuls in my mouth- day one can start over but today- I need a sugar fix. Once home I am suffering from a sugar comotose- but  I am of a sound enough mind to throw out the rest of the bag of jelly beans. I put them in a sack, tie it shut and in the trashcan they go.

Day three:
I have heard little cries coming from the kitchen, it is those damned jelly beans- they don't want to be thrown away- their life long ambition is to be eaten. They cry louder and I actually consider getting them out of the trash. I mean they are wrapped in a bag so- technically they are clean. These cries have haunted me all day. I am very proud to admit- I have not pulled them out of the trash but can't find the strength to take the trash out. Oh I want those jelly beans and maybe a Butterfinger or better yet creme brulee! why am I giving up sugar again?

Luckily, a tweet by Dr. Oz came up and he posted a Sugar Detox Challenge- detox is right and it is a good reminder of how much we dig our own graves with spoons. I am continuing on this journey and hope that you too will join me. I attached the link to the sugar challenge- it has some good tips and very helpful information.

loss of sugar is 4.5 out of 5 fist shakes  - I still ain't happy about it but eventually will be!

Sugar Detox Challenge by Dr. Oz


  1. Funny... love it.... I remember stopping smoking and I did pull the cigarettes out of the trash and found others.... ha ha... hang in there